ElectaCourse 17th Edition 2382 Home Study (Digital)

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The ElectaCourse 2382 Home Study Digital (Online) is presented in an easy to follow and informative way, frequently referencing relevant sections of the IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition. The course is easily viewed and followed on your computer screen and relevant sections can be quickly printed off for reference.

ElectaCourse 2382 Home Study Digital (Online) starts with a helpful and informative 'Electrical Theory' module which re-caps basic electrical principles in relation to the wiring regulations. It then continues with 8 modules which explain, de-mystify and relate to relevant sections of the wiring regulations, helping the candidate understand and locate the relevant regulation for a particular situation, easily and quickly, along with Self Assess Question sections for each module to check your progress. This is essential practice for the City & Guilds exam.

Finally you are able to test yourself under realistic exam conditions with the 2382 eVolve Exam Simulator which provides a near identical interface that is used for the City & Guilds Exam.

IMPORTANT: The Exam Simulator is licensed for and can only be installed on one computer ONLY. Online activation is required. Installation on more than one computer can result in the program becoming locked. It is designed for PERSONAL USE ONLY AND AN INTERNET CONNECTION IS REQUIRED.