ECS with JIB Card - Safety Start Up Pack

ECS with JIB Card - Safety Start Up Pack

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Great Britain Construction Training UK ECS Safety Start Up Pack is designed to prepare non-UK citizens quickly and efficiently for commencing work. We are able to assist you in acquiring the necessary documents and accreditations required for you to work in the UK.

Great Britain Construction Training will facilitate the required steps to prepare you for work and life in the UK, taking the stress and inconvenience out of these timely processes.

In accordance with the JIB, GB Construction Training can offer the ECS Start Up Pack with assessments to people undertaking a prearranged development programme (regulations exam).

As of 1st October 2017: To apply for the ECS JIB card you need to supply a letter from your Electrical Employer. This letter must state that you need the card to do your job.
Without this you cannot apply for the card.

What’s included in the ECS Safety Start Up Pack?

  • Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Health & Safety Assessment
  • JIB Card Application and Card
  • Tool Set 
  • High Vis Vest

Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Health & Safety Assessment 

The ECS Health & Safety Assessment has been introduced as the method of assessing the health and safety knowledge of people working in the Electrotechnical Industry. Passing the Assessment will demonstrate that you have a satisfactory level of health and safety knowledge.

The Assessment is the health and safety requirement for all Electricians working in the UK Construction Industry.

Quick facts about the ECS Health & Safety Assessment:

  • The Assessment consists of 45 multiple choice questions
  • The candidate is allowed 30 minutes to complete the Assessment
  • The Assessment is taken on a computer
  • The pass mark for the assessment is 85% i.e. 39 correct answers out of 45
  • Immediate results are provided on completion of the Assessment
  • All candidates who pass the Assessment will be issued with an ECS Certificate from the Joint Industry Board (JIB)
  • The ECS Health & Safety Assessment Certificate is valid for 2 years
  • In accordance with the JIB, GB Construction Training can offer the ECS Start Up Pack with assessments to non-UK citizens only.

Why get an ECS card?

Over 99,000 electrical professionals are proud to hold an ECS card to show their hard-earned credentials at work and on site.

The ECS card:

  • Displays your qualifications and main electrical occupation
  • Shows you have been H&S assessed
  • Is the industry’s CSCS card
  • Proves your identity on site

You’ve spent time gaining your skills – so get your ECS card today and show it with pride.

An ECS card is instantly recognisable within the electrotechnical industry and lets you demonstrate your credentials to others; from employers and clients to business contacts and colleagues.

You’ll find it increasingly difficult to get employment on building sites without an ECS card because many UK employers specify that holding an appropriate ECS card is compulsory for those working around electricity on their sites.

You’ll also be able to prove you’re competent in health and safety. You might already have a qualification that means you’re covered in this area. But, if not, the ECS card incorporates an H&S assessment as part of the application process, to meet the requirements on employers or site owners for all workers to hold an up-to-date Health & Safety qualification.

Assessment Location

We currently have one test location for your convenience

Great Britain Construction Training Centre
Unit 10 Isleworth Business Complex,

St John's Road
Isleworth London

Maps and Directions to our Training Centre can be viewed here.

Full terms and conditions can be found here, and are applicable upon purchase.

Prepare for the ECS Health & Safety Assessment

The JIB recommend at least 10 days revision time before you sit the Assessment.

! Please supply your National Insurance Number to GB Construction Training
Without an National Insurance Number it will prevent your card application/s being submitted/sent.

Tool set, and high vis shirt will be available for pick up on day of assessment. 



If you are submitting documents to GB Construction Training, please make sure that they are in PDF or Word Document formats only.